“Meet your new history teacher.”

De Snooker legende Ronnie O’Sullivan reist Amerika af om de geschiedenis van grote Amerikaanse steden te ontdekken.
Daarnaast probeert hij de ‘pool sharks’ in hun eigen spel te verslaan.

Sinds 2017


Geschiedenis, sport

Het verhaal

Meet your new history teachers, snooker legend Ronnie O’Sullivan (pictured right) and sports broadcaster Matt Smith (pictured left), as they cross the pond to explore America’s 300 year history with the game of pool. The real-life mates travel the US to hunt down America’s most notorious pool hustlers while meeting a few characters along the way.

The duo go to New York City, Chicago, Memphis and San Francisco, to immerse themselves in the history of each location, discovering local quirks and lapping up the Americana. The end goal is to seek out local pool shark legends in the hope they can beat them at their own game, in their own back yard! With Ronnie’s genius-with-a-cue reputation fairly unknown, it’s the perfect set up for a hustle, or so he thinks. Brand new and exclusive HISTORY commission.

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